FREE transfers for websites and email are now available when you sign up to any of our hosting plans.
In addition we can offer unlimited FREE domain name registrar transfers, so you can
keep all your domains and hosting in the one simple account.

To Transfer from your existing hosting, simply submit a support ticket asking FREE Transfer when you buy hosting with us.Important Notes

Sign up for New Hosting

Lodge a Support Ticket Requesting FREE Transfer

FREE Transfer Completed within 5 days


Is there any time frame?

In order to get FREE Transfer, sign up as a new customer and submit request within first 30 days. If your submitted request is beyond the mentioned time limit, a small amount of fee will apply for the transfer.

How is FREE Transfer works?

Hosting companies store their clients data in different format, not all hosts are the same. Our transfer team will our try to collect and retrieve all data files and emails and put into our system. However, in some cases, it might not possible to extract all files and we can’t guarantee regarding the transferability, procedures involved and time needed for the Free Transfer.

Access to existing Data

If there is no access to your hosts via FTP or databases, we can’t copy and complete the transfer.

cPanel System Transfer.

cPanel transfer, is the best way of transfer we like, can include transfer of all domains, add domain, subdomans, email accounts and eamils, databases and cPanel settings.

Transfer of Emails

Some hosting companies keep emails in different way and it becomes hard to transfer. If you could keep a backup copy of your emails in to storage device, you will easily make transfer and you will not see any difference.

Transfer of Domain

Transfer of your Domain is a completed different way of transfers than your website content or emails and they are not related at all.

Transfer of Domain doesn’t mean your website content and email will be transferred with the domain name transfer.